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Providing People With Stable Home Environments

About Our Host Home Services

At Residential Care Services in Aurora, we offer host home services, which allow people with developmental disabilities to choose to live and thrive in a domestic environment as opposed to alternative community living. This is a great way for individuals with developmental disabilities to learn life, behavioral, and coping skills in a loving and caring home. If you think you or a loved one could benefit from a host home provider, be sure to get in touch with Residential Care Services to get started and to learn more!

Benefits of Host Home Services:

  • Experience a stable and caring home environment
  • Be surrounded by a compassionate and encouraging family
  • Enjoy daily tasks in a domestic setting
  • Gain basic life and developmental skills
  • Feel more independent
  • Build strong and meaningful bonds.

Why Choose Host Home Services


Caring Place to Call Home


Caring Place to Call Home


Caring Place to Call Home

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Caring Place to Call Home

Why Choose Host Home Services

Through our host home services, you will be able to experience life in a compassionate and stable domestic setting. You can become a part of the family as you learn and develop new skills. Our independent host home providers are trained to provide supervision, life skills, behavioral skills, and coping skills training for our clients. From cooking and banking to laundry and more, our host home providers can help you build skills, allowing you to become more independent. More specialized training is available in extreme cases of medical distress as performed by our talented team of interdisciplinary professionals.

We ensure that our clients are placed in a home that is the right fit and sure to be beneficial for them. Our clients can thrive in a host home environment, build strong bonds with more people, and can develop a ton of new skills. If you think that our host home services can benefit you or a loved one, be sure to contact Residential Care Services in Aurora to get started.

Family Caregiver Act: Implemented in 2010, allows a person currently funded by HCBS-DD (Comprehensive Waiver) to receive services in a residence and by a family member of their choice. We can transition to providing paid support for non-paid support for your family member.

  • Rules and Reg of receiving services via waiver
  • Provide info and support with representative payee services, social sec & Medicaid eligibility and locating other professional services
  • Access to emergency respite providers