Community Engagement Activities

Helping Redefine Independence

About Our Community Engagement Activities

At Residential Care Services in Aurora, we believe that providing our clients with a variety of different activities and allowing them to thrive within their community can help to provide them with a sense of normalcy. When it comes to redefining independence, it’s important to reimage and challenge that concept of normalcy. Is living in a society where all people have all things in common normal? Is living in a neighborhood where all of the restaurants serve the same food normal? Would shopping in a community where all of the stores sold the same clothes be normal? We believe that having an understanding of what makes us different is the key to what makes us better: as a company, state, and nation. By providing you or your loved one with community engagement activities, we can help redefine normal in our communities and help those with developmental disabilities feel more comfortable in the world. Learn more and contact Residential Care Services with any questions you may have.

Benefits of Community Engagement Activities:

  • Allow our clients to find a place in the world

  • Allows clients to engage in different activities and learn new skills
  • Allows clients to lead productive lives and become more independent
  • Gives clients different experiences and allow them to find new hobbies
  • Creates a world of normalcy and inclusion

Become a Part of Your Community

Community engagement activities are important because it allows our clients to find their place in the world beyond the residence. These activities provide teachable moments for others to learn how our clients lead productive lives, even with a disability. With these community engagement activities, we help you create a world of inclusion — not one that pities you for what you can’t do, but one that accommodates a perceived limitation which allows you to experience the joy of that moment. We imagine a world that embraces your beauty and talent, which without courage, would be missing in today’s picture of normalcy.

Our specialists provide the personalized support, care, and educational tools that our client’s need in order to support themselves, both emotionally and pragmatically, as they make their reentry into society known. We offer community activity services to Aurora and the surrounding areas, as well as other care services for a variety of individual needs.

If you or a loved one needs special care, our team at Residential Care Services can help! We will work with you to create personalized care services that cater to your specific needs.Our community engagement activities can help you or your loved one find a place in your community. Contact us today and see how we can start providing our high-quality personalized care to you or your loved one.